South West DVD Project

Multi-faith Chaplaincy in UK Further Education Colleges


Thank you for taking the time to look at our project. To those already involved a massive 'Thank You' for your support.

Filming by the production team ended on 20th June 2011.

We have great pleasure in announcing that following the premier of

Spirit Level

on 6th February 2012, the film has now been distributed to all Association of Colleges corporate members in England and Wales (28 February 2012).

This uplifting and motivational short film explores the contribution made by multi-faith chaplaincy to the well-being of learners and staff at FE colleges in the South West of England.

          • Spirit Level celebrates the rapid growth in multi-faith chaplaincy provision within the FE sector that has taken place since 2006/7.This has resulted in the development of inclusive (all faiths and none) student and staff spiritual support services in the majority of FE colleges.

          • Spirit Level seeks to inform faith communities, college principals, learner services teams together with staff delivering Spiritual, Moral,Social, Cultural (SMSC) and enrichment programmes, of these major developments.

To paraphrase one of the contributors to the film :

"Although we may have a financially efficient and an academically highly successful college, it is often a challenge to translate those mission statements into reality which enable us to say that we produce, well-rounded, socially capable, interesting, empathetic people. In the long term that is what our society needs and that is what this work is about".

Should you wish to obtain a copy of Spirit Level or to explore becoming involved in multi-faith chaplaincy in the Further Education sector, please contact: