Student Pilot Scheme

Post date: Feb 17, 2010 12:53:56 PM

This week is half term and the group is set to interview a few of the people involved in the Sacred Places trips that Paul Smith has been running. I'll be catching up with the students next week to see how they a getting on and will report back here then.

On Friday the 12th of February Steve Newby finalized the brief with a group of four BND Media students studying at Filton College's Academy of Media and Arts. The details of the brief are laid out in a document that can be found on the Files page.

This pilot scheme aims to give students an opportunity to work on a 'real world' project giving them valuable work experience as well as being a standalone project that can be submitted as part of an accredited course. In this case the module is Social Action and Community Media Production which is run by John Leahy.